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Virginia Business Forms

Form LLC1011 Articles of Organization
Form LPA73.11 Certificate of Limited Partnership
Form VA Articles of Incorporation of a Stock Corporation

Other Virginia Legal Forms

Forms ST-9, ST-9A Retail Sales and Use Tax Return
Form Pro Se Divorce Package
Form DC-611 Petition for Protective Order (Family Abuse)
Form Instructions for Schedule VK-1 Consolidated Owner's Share of Income and Virginia Modifications and Credits
Form 760IP Automatic Extension Payment Voucher for Individuals
Form DC- 402 Warrant in Debt
Form CC-1427 Application for Change of Name(Minor)
Form VA Statement of Partnership Authority
Business, Professional and Occupational License (BPOL) Exclusion Worksheet and Instructions
Form ST-11A Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exmeption
Forms ST-7, ST-7A, ST-6B Consumer's Use Tax Return
Form 760 Individual Income Tax Return
Forms ST-9 CO, ST-9A, ST-9B Retail Sales and Use Tax Return for Consolidated Filers
Form Application for Concealed Handgun Permit
Form 763 Nonresident Income Tax Return
Form 500 Corporation Income Tax Return
Form DC-491 Medical Emergency Custody Petition
Form VA-5 Employer's Return of Virginia Income Tax Withheld for Quarterly Filers
Form CC-1411 Application for Change of Name (Adult)
2010 Board of Equalization (BOE) Appeal Form

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