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Virginia Business Forms

Form LLC1011 Articles of Organization
Form LPA73.11 Certificate of Limited Partnership
Form VA Articles of Incorporation of a Stock Corporation

Other Virginia Legal Forms

Forms ST-9, ST-9A Retail Sales and Use Tax Return
Form Pro Se Divorce Package
Form Instructions for Schedule VK-1 Consolidated Owner's Share of Income and Virginia Modifications and Credits
Form DC-611 Petition for Protective Order (Family Abuse)
Business, Professional and Occupational License (BPOL) Exclusion Worksheet and Instructions
Form 760IP Automatic Extension Payment Voucher for Individuals
Form VA Statement of Partnership Authority
Form ST-11A Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exmeption
Form DC- 402 Warrant in Debt
Form CC-1427 Application for Change of Name(Minor)
Form 760 Individual Income Tax Return
Forms ST-7, ST-7A, ST-6B Consumer's Use Tax Return
Form 763 Nonresident Income Tax Return
Form Application for Concealed Handgun Permit
Form 500 Corporation Income Tax Return
Form CC-1411 Application for Change of Name (Adult)
Form VA-5 Employer's Return of Virginia Income Tax Withheld for Quarterly Filers
Forms ST-9 CO, ST-9A, ST-9B Retail Sales and Use Tax Return for Consolidated Filers
Form DC-491 Medical Emergency Custody Petition
2010 Board of Equalization (BOE) Appeal Form

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