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Form 1040A U.S. Individual Income Tax Return


Form Instructions


Form 1040A is a United States Internal Revenue Service tax form used for filing an individual's tax return. It is a “short” form, as it is a cut down version of the long 1040. It can be used by individuals who do not make more than $100,000 and do not itemize their deductions.

The Form 1040A can be obtained through the I.R.S' website or by obtaining the documents through a local tax office.

The tax form is to be filed by the taxpayer at the end of the taxable year.

1. First, enter all of your personal information in the top set of boxes on the form. Include your name and social security number. If you are filing a joint return, you must also include your spouse's name and social security number.

2. State your contact information, putting your address and foreign nation information, if residing outside of the United States.

3. Indicate your filing status is the proper box below your contact information. If married and filing separately, you must put your spouse's social security number.

4. Next, fill out the exemptions box, claiming yourself, a spouse, and any dependents you are claiming. List all dependent's names, social security numbers, relationship to you, and check if they are under the age of 17. Indicate the total number of exemptions in line 6d.

5. Write in all income obtained through the taxable year. Include wages, salary, taxable interest, ordinary dividends, capital gains, IRA distributions, pensions, unemployment, and social security benefits. Add all of these amounts as instructed and state your total income in line 15.

6. Determine your total adjustments, following the tax instructions. Enter your educator expenses, IRA deductions, student loan interest deductions, tuition and fees. Add these totals together and subtract from your total income. This will determine your adjusted gross income.

7. Next, you must determine all tax credits and payments from the tax year. You must enter your standard deduction and any additional tax credits you are claiming.

8. If your total tax is less than your total payment through the year, you have overpaid your taxes and will get a refund. Enter your refund amount in line 42. If you owe additional taxes, write in the total amount owed in line 45.

9. Sign your Form 1040A and have your spouse sign, if applicable.

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