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Form DS-7002 Training / Internship Placement Plan

DS 7002A.pdf

Form Instructions


1. The Form DS-7002 must be completed by all applicants filing for a J1 Exchange Visa. The Form DS-7002 is labeled the Training or Internship placement plan and must be filed with the coordinating United States’ consulate or embassy.
2. The first section of the Form DS-7002 will ask for basic information, including: your First and last name, your email address, your status as a trainee, an intern or a study intern, and your current field of study or profession. Additionally, the first section of the DS-7002 will ask you the type of degree or certificate you possess, the date the degree was awarded, the amount of experience you have in the particular field and for the coordinating dates of your training or internship program.

3. The next section of the DS-7002 ill inquires for information regarding the site of your activity. IN this section you will list the name of your supervisor, along with his or her contact information. Along with this information you must also satisfy your host organization’s name, the street address of the training or internship site and the appropriate employee identification number that your respective organization supplied. Furthermore, you must also list the hours per week in which you will be working and the amount of money you will earn for your work.

4. Subsequent to satisfying this information you will be required to sign a contract agreement which ensures that your previously submitted information is accurate and truthful. In addition to your signature, the Form DS-7002 requires that your supervisor sign his or her name along with the coordinating date. Your sponsor, along with his or her signature, must also input the program sponsor’s name, the coordinating program number and the field that the program falls under.

5. Upon completion of the contract agreement, you will be required to satisfy the questions within the training or internship placement plan. The questions in this section will ask your supervisor to answer questions concerning the specific tasks, activities and roles that you will be required to fulfill. The sponsor, in this section, will also be asked to write brief descriptions concerning your particular skills and the specific goals or objectives of the underlying program. When all of this information is completed, your supervisor must send the document to the coordinating United States consular or embassy.

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